Best Secure File Hosting 2021

A document hosting service (or record facilitating) is a secure file pro platform that stores your information with the chance of nonstop admittance to it by means of the Internet. Yet, there are additional drawbacks. Typically, the capacity time frame for documents on the facilitating is restricted several months from the last download. In such a manner, distributed storage is better, since there are no limitations on the capacity time of information. 

The speed of transferring to and downloading from a document facilitating administration isn’t high. There are additional document size limits and an overall record limit. There are a ton of document facilitating administrations themselves, they vary in usefulness, some sort of paid capacities, you need either approval and other comparative trivialities. The article talks about facilitating administrations that don’t need enrollment. So how about we go.

Magnificent facilitating with great conditions. The help permits you to transfer documents up to 20 GB and without speed limits. The help has support for the Russian language, which is decent.

Documents are put away uncertainly. Yet, there are a few focuses for which the connection to the document is impeded: infringement of the assistance rules, stockpiling for over 6 years (there has been no download throughout the previous 5 years). There’s nothing more to it.


The assistance is accessible in a few world dialects. You can see photographs, recordings, pay attention to sound documents straightforwardly in the program. Assuming you download FEX ID, this will be accessible to you on Smart TV. Applications for Android and iOS are likewise accessible for download.

Clients can undoubtedly store and trade documents up to 2 GB, besides, namelessly, without enrollment. On the off chance that you need to store documents with a volume of 1 TB or more, a base expense is charged. Also, here’s another huge benefit: at a set rate, all records you download are upheld up.


Also, this facilitating vows to transfer your records weighing up to 100 GB. Valid, nobody specifies what speed will be for this situation, however, these are as of now subtleties. Approval isn’t required here all things considered.

Yet, there are disadvantages to this. Specifically, a fairly short stockpiling period for documents on the facilitating. Assuming the size of the record is under 5 GB, it will be accessible 90 days from the date of the last download. In the event that in excess of 5 GB – 20 days from the last download.


The assistance can’t flaunt steep markers as far as the size of one record (just 500 MB for each archive), however, it improves: limitless facilitating space. Albeit huge records can’t be sent, the limitless space on the worker is unquestionably satisfying. Space proprietors don’t restrict the speed of admittance to records, they store archives for 30 days from the date of the last download for free.